Şadırvanaltı Mosque

The Şadırvanaltı Mosque is situated between 912th and 892th Streets by the Şekerciler Çarşısı in the heart of the Kemeraltı shopping district. It has a harim with a central plan, an L-shaped last congregation section on the north and west, a minaret on the south-east, a muvakkithane, a library, and a shadirvan. While the two-story mosque does not have a courtyard, it houses shops on the lower level as it is located in a busy commercial area.

The building can be accessed by the stairs at the western and northern facades. The central dome’s hub has cartouches with depictions of panoramic landscapes, and the oval medallions on the dome’s skirt that feature various architectural illustrations. Similar sketches are used to decorate the interior of the shadirvan’s dome and the passageway that connects the shadirvan to the shopping area on the lower floor. This vaulted passage stands out with the landscapes of Izmir and its surroundings.

The mosque’s construction inscription has not survived. It is referred as the Grand Mosque and Niflizade Mosque in the Cihannüma of Katip Çelebi, and as the Bıyıklıoğlu Mosque in the Seyahatname (book of travels) of Evliya Çelebi. Evliya Çelebi, who had seen the construction inscription, notes that it was built by someone named Mahmud in 1046 AH/CE 1636-7. The mosque also has repair inscriptions dating to 1230 AH/CE 1814-5 and 1301 AH/CE 1883-4.

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