Büyük Vezir Inn

Köprülü Fazıl Ahmet Paşa, a grand vizier during the reign of Mehmet IV, commissioned two inns, a mosque, a madrasa and a public bath close to the Port Castle and at the bottom of Osmaniye Avenue (modern Mimar Kemalettin Avenue), from where caravans entered the city. Büyük Vezir Inn is one of these two inns and was known as “Köprülü Inn” at the time of its construction.

The construction of the Büyük Vezir Inn, in traditional Ottoman inn style, was completed in 1675. The inn was designed on a square plan, with a square courtyard in the middle, and had entrances from three directions, except from the south. The Eastern gate facing the sea led to a covered street and to the Çoka Bedesten Bazaar, adjacent to the Büyük Vezir Inn.

Unfortunately, the Büyük Vezir Inn did not survive in the modern world. Had it been preserved, it would have been near the intersection of modern Fevzi Paşa Boulevard and Halit Ziya Boulevard. The Büyük Vezir Inn was on the coastline when built, and it was the most prestigious inn of its time. It remained an indispensable stop for caravan trade for nearly 150 years. However, as the inner harbor began to be filled in and along with planned coastline fills, the inn lost its busy port traffic and finally switched to serving merchant offices.