Alliotti House

Following the establishment of the new port and the First Kordon, the Aliottis, one of Izmir’s well-known Levantine families, commissioned a prestigious house here as well. The front of the elite Aliotti House was covered with white marble. The Art Nouveau door and all windows on this side were framed with thick marble. There was an oriel window unique to Izmir houses on the upper floor. In this house, the Aliottis had owned a telephone since 1912, which at the time was a great luxury only available to grand hotels and the very rich. During the Greek occupation, the building was allocated as the residence of Greek High Commissioner Stergiadis. The building survived the 1922 fire, but was demolished in 1931 so that another building could be constructed in its place.

Aliotti Family

Aliotti family , one of İzmir’s most well-known Levantine families, came from Florence to Chios and from there to İzmir at the beginning of the 19th century. The family, especially enriched by the carpet trade, became the world’s largest carpet manufacturer with the “Oriental Carpet Manufacturers” company they established together with other carpet traders from Izmir. During this period, the family owned many properties and lands in the center and suburbs of İzmir. The mansion serving as the building of Yaşar Education and Culture Foundation in Karşıyaka today is known as Aliotti Mansion. It is known that the family, which also has mansions in Bornova and Buca, was the first owner of the Hasanağa Garden in Buca. The family, which spread to different parts of the world over time, did not have any members living in Izmir.

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