Aydın Train Station

When the quay construction changed hands, the “Ottoman Railway Co” constructed a rail line that begins at the Izmir - Aydın Rail Line station and reaches the Clock Tower passing through waterfront. This line connected the quay with the customs offices in Punta and was used by trams during the day, and by freight locomotives at night. Operated by the Izmir-Aydın Railway Company, the complex consisted of three independent structures and was across from the Konak Pier. The smallest building on the left was an office. The big structure in the middle was half station, half warehouse; and the building on the right was a workshop. The large structure continued to operate as a station and warehouse until the entrance of locomotives into the quay was banned in 1910. Then, it was converted into a fig storage and fish market. The warehouse was demolished in the 1950s.

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