Café de Paris and Ciné Paris

Café de Paris

One of the popular coffee shops of Izmir before the Republic, Café de Paris opened at the current location of Izmir Palas Hotel in 1908. Based on remaining photographs, the wooden building was in Europe’s then trending Art Nouveau style. In addition to all cold and hot beverages, the café also served spirits and dinner. European orchestras would perform in the adjacent garden. Before Café de Paris, the Concordia open-air theater was located in this area.

Ciné Paris

Before the construction of Kordon, there was the first Café de Paris in the location of the two-story cinema. In photographs dated 1880 and 1890, there is a wooden summer theater called Eldorado here. By the end of 1907, the 2nd movie theater in Izmir was located in the recently constructed two-story building. In 1920, the cinema had a power generator, which was a rare amenity in Izmir at the time. The 1922 fire destroyed this building as well.

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