Grand Hotel de Londres

Currently across from the Pasaport Ferry Port, there were small, single-story wooden cafés before the hotel. Constructed in the late 19th century, “Grand Hotel de Londres” was designed in a selective style (combining trending styles of the period with historical representations). Photographs of the time show that the hotel lobby on the ground floor was accessed by three arched doorways, of which the one in the middle was wider. The luxury floor with a balcony standing on columns, and the floor above that are illuminated through four rectangular framed windows. The top floor contained the large sign that read “Grand Hotel de Londres” in French and a terrace behind it. The Grand Hotel de Londres was the first hotel that the passengers arriving by sea encountered when they exited the passport office. The hotel was popular among the elite visitors of Izmir. The office space on the ground floor was operated by the Egyptian “Khedivial Mail Line” until 1913. The building was severely damaged in the 1922 fire and was soon demolished. Only the front facade of the ground floor could be preserved. In later years, the building was reconstructed identical to its former structure. The remaining front facade was integrated into the modern office block that was constructed in its place to partially revive the structural silhouette of Kordon in the late 19th century and early 20th century.

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