Grand Hotel Kraemer Palace

The “Grand Hotel Kraemer Palace” was undoubtedly the most luxurious and magnificent hotel building built on the Izmir quay. The hotel, which was built as three floors at the first stage and then added to the fourth floor, appealed to high-income people with its luxurious rooms, expensive restaurants, cafes, iconic venues such as Club Hellenique and Brasserie de la Pointe. The hotel, which was the first choice of foreign traders coming to Izmir, also served the elites of Izmir.

The hotel building was completed at the end of the 1870s, when the construction of the quay was completed, and when it was finished, it was the tallest building in İzmir. Being one of the few representatives of German culture in Izmir, the hotel was at the focal point of the quay due to its location. Kraemer Palace, which also has features such as being the first building that introduced İzmir to an elevator and being the first hotel to be connected to electricity, was purchased by Naim Bey after the 1st World War and its name was changed to Splendid Palace. The hotel building was largely burned and destroyed in the fire of 1922.

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