Grand Huck Hotel

One of the most splendid buildings of Kordon, the three-story building was constructed in the early 19th century. It was located on the left corner at the intersection of Osmanlı Postahane Street and First Kordon Avenue. The entrance on the front side led to a passage that cut through the building towards 2nd Kordon Avenue. Operated as Hotel Des Deux Augustes (or as Hotel M. Mille) by Michel Mille following its construction, the building was later purchased by Max Huck and renamed as Grand Hotel Huck. It also housed various transportation companies (Egyptian Khedivial Mail Line, Australian Lloyd), Ottoman Post Office, British Eastern Telegraph Office, and Hellen Post Office. On the right of the passage on the ground floor was a restaurant renowned for its house wine and gulf shrimp. In 1919, the hotel was taken over by Greek Authorities. Grand Huck Hotel was the 2nd largest building on Kordon, after Kraemer Hotel. It was destroyed by the 1922 fire.

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