Hotel Macedoine

The two-story building with a passage was a popular hotel on the quay. In addition to the coffee shop on the ground floor, the rear of the building was used as a warehouse. It is believed that on the parcel where the hotel was constructed there used to be a structure owned by Richard Ralli of the famous Rallides family. The Rallides’ were a large family with companies all around the world in various industries and they no doubt had investments in Izmir as well. It is predicted that the family lost its power by the late 19th family and soon withdrew from the industries and cities they used to be active in. In the 1905 map, there is a Hotel Macedoine on this parcel. Whether this hotel was related to previous owners is not known. The owner of this hotel remains a mystery as well. The hotel was called “Hotel Aegean Pelagos and Karabourna” between 1920-2. Severely damaged in the 1922 fire, the building was abandoned for a while and later demolished.

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