Konak Pier

It is the building complex located on the breakwater on the south of the quay. The complex consists of various low- and high-rise buildings constructed over different periods. The first unit was constructed between 1878-80 with the adjacent warehouses on each side and was used as a customs office. In addition to these, there was another structure on the breakwater to store coal for steamer ships.

The customs warehouses soon became insufficient to handle the capacity. Therefore, in 1888, two more warehouses were constructed on each side of the existing buildings. As port traffic increased in the early 20th century, the buildings were once again expanded by a fill on the south in 1909. This area used to be a fish market comprised of wooden structures until 1909. The building was used by the Turkish Air Forces and Coast Guard beginning in 1922. Through extensive renovations between 1996 and 2002, the building was transformed into the current shopping, culture and art center.

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