Oriental Carpet Manufacturers

Founded in Izmir, the headquarters of the global Oriental Carpet Manufacturers was constructed in the 1910s. Anatolian and Persian carpets are prestigious items, traded since the 1200s. By the 19th century, the demand for these carpets surged as Europe began to gain wealth. Carpets manufactured in Konya and Uşak in Anatolia were exported through the port of Izmir. A group of Izmirian entrepreneurs of British origins decided that they wanted more of the trade here, and established the “Oriental Carpet Manufacturers” in 1907. Of these entrepreneurs who had accumulated great wealth in Izmir, Spartali & Co company had an inn on the coast. Known as the Local Spartali Saatci, the structure contained manufacturing workshops, warehouses and the offices of many companies.

That structure was demolished in 1907 for the Oriental Carpet Manufacturers, and in its place, a colossal neo-classical building was constructed. The construction was completed in 1910, and in 1919 a French roof was added to the building. Severely damaged in the 1922 fire, the building was later demolished.

Oriental Carpet Manufacturers, on the other hand, further developed its business and managed to survive against cheap and industrial carpet production until 1986.

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