Paterson & Co

The three-story colossal building belongs to the food export company, Paterson & Co. The building was used as a warehouse to store fresh and dried fruits, grains and wine prior to loading on ships. On postcards from the 1870s, a mill chimney can be seen that indicates a flour factory at this spot. By the time the quay construction was launched, the existing building had been demolished and replaced with an ambitious warehouse building. Operating as a warehouse and packaging plant for the export of all sorts of fresh and dried fruits growing in the hinterland of Izmir, the building was a central storage area for products imported to Izmir from different regions before being delivered to shops.

The Paterson family was one of the wealthiest Levantine families of Izmir, and they owned several properties all across Izmir. The famous Paterson Mansion is currently owned by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and is being renovated to be used as a culture center.

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