Cinema Pathé

“Cinema Pathé” or “Kraemer winter theatre” was best known for its Art Nouveau front facade. In line with the customs at the period, the establishment name was written in both Greek and French on the front facade. It was one of the most iconic buildings in Izmir with its famous rooster signs.

Pathé Frères

The company, which is a world-famous film company known only as Pathe or Pathe Brothers, was founded in 1896 by 4 brothers. Founded in the beginning of cinema, the company became the world’s largest film equipment manufacturer in the early 1900s. The company, which opened movie theaters in many cities of Europe and the world in the same period, has become a global brand. Before World War I, 60% of the movies shot in the world were shown with Pathe equipment. Gradually losing its market share to American film producers in the 20th century, the company is still the largest film producer and distributor in Europe.

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