Smyrna Theater

Smyrna Theater was one of the most striking structures on the quay of Izmir. Despite having only two stories, it was one of the tallest buildings in Kordon. Decorations, statues and reliefs with influences of Ancient Greece only increased its magnificence. The construction of the main theater building was completed in 1910, but the exterior decorations took until 1912.

Izmir first encountered the art of theater in the final quarter of the 18th century. Over the 1800s, various theaters were opened and closed, including Euterpe, Olympia, Nea Skene, Sporting Club, Elhamra, Eksaristerion, Parthenon, and Pasylipon. In addition to these theater buildings, there were also open-air fields, inns and private properties that provided stages for open-air plays. The idea to construct a separate and majestic theater building in Izmir’s new vogue Kordon appeared in the 1890s, and multiple attempts were made until the construction of the Smyrna Theater. The intended construction parcel had previously housed several theater buildings prior to Smyrna Theater. Pasylipon (1881-1901), Olympia (1901-1905), Parthenon (1907-1909) and Waterfront (1909-1910) theaters are the precedents of Smyrna Theater.

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